Tuesday, September 16, 2014


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Harrison: Having fun cleaning the car with Daddy and Amelie!
Amelie: Always a happy girl to play out on the patio with a paintbrush and water .  Today I found you painting your toenails! 
Finley: Helping Mummy hang out the washing.

The kids were excited to celebrate Fathers Day with pancakes, a ten pin bowling game and once the rain cleared we explored a new playground that has been built at one of our local parks.

Harrison has started up a spy club with his friend next door, they have been sending messages to each other over the fence by paper plane during the week and they had their first meeting on Friday.  Harrison was organised with an agenda written up the night before on what they needed to discuss.  After school came and he couldn't wait to get home.  His tent was set up outside, spy outfit on, afternoon tea snacks provided and they were ready to go, no little sisters allowed!  We're over halfway through reading the Secret Seven book series by Enid Blyton to him so these stories have given him lots of inspiration.

Harrison got his fourth Merit certificate this week at the Year 1 & 2 assembly so was then awarded his gold certificate at the big school assembly on Friday which he was chuffed about.

While Harrison was at a birthday party on Saturday morning Amelie was excited to have a Daddy Daughter date at the pools, she loves going swimming!

Finley is loving crawling around the garden and is obsessed with the soccer ball!

A few photos below of Fathers Day with their awesome Daddy!

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