Thursday, March 05, 2015


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Harrison: Secret Agent Harrison reporting for duty at your 7th Birthday party!
Amelie: You love dressing up so you had fun being a Secret Agent at Harrison's party.
Finley: Too cool with your sunnies on!

We decided to try a different beach that we hadn't been to before so we headed to Freshwater beach on the Northern beaches.  Nice to be back at the beach as we hadn't been since our trip back to New Zealand.  Harrison had a ball boogie boarding as there were plenty of waves and he was flying into shore.

Amelie did so well with her first full week at school as the previous week she had only had two days.  She has continued to do so well at drop off and goes off to line up in her class with no problem.  I was certain that she would be a bit clingy so I 'm pleasantly surprised! 

This week all of the extra curricular activities kicked off again for the term with swimming, cricket and ballet taking up four of the week days plus the cricket game on Saturday, it sure was a busy week of running around everywhere.  Poor Finley gets a bit fed up being shipped here there and everywhere!

Also a busy week for me getting the final things sorted for Harrison's birthday party on the Saturday.
We celebrated with a Secret Agent party at the local park.  All the kids had a ball being trained up as Secret Agents and being sent on a mission to find the stolen party bags. 

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