Thursday, December 31, 2015

Playing catch up

Returning home!

It's been a crazy few months with our move back to New Zealand so I'm super behind on my '52 Project'.  Trying to get it all caught up and ready to start the project again in 2016!
We're settling back into life here in NZ with the kids starting a new school, giving our house a bit of a re-vamp and catching up with family and friends.
Summer has arrived so it's feeling more 'Sydney' like with the temperatures! We certainly found it cold when we first moved back.
We're loving being back amongst our support network again and the kids are loving hanging out with our family on a regular basis.  We do miss our 'Australian' family very much as well.  Hoping for lots of visitors!
Looking forward to 2016 and what adventures it will bring our family.

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