Monday, May 05, 2014


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Harrison: A very happy boy after losing your 3rd tooth! You've been waiting over a year since you lost your first two and you couldn't stop wiggling this one once you realised it was ready!
Amelie: Looking cosy in your fluffy vest!
Finley: Our beautiful 9 month old!

Back to reality this week after our wonderful holiday away.  School started back on Tuesday and back into the swing of things with preschool, ballet and soccer not to mention the mountain of washing to catch up on!

The temperature has dropped while we've been away so we've feeling it this week and have needed to put an extra layer on. The leaves are all changing colour and starting to fall off, it's fun to watch this change with the kids.  There is this one cherry blossom tree on the walk to school that we watch through the seasons and is a perfect example of what each season means, I think Amelie really gets it now.

Finley continues to stretch, balance and inch forward while sitting and when on his tummy he's pushing up a bit and in turn moving backwards, how frustrating it must be for him!  We've been trying to encourage him with the remote and Harrison's big lego storage head as they're things he really wants to get his hands on!  It is so lovely watching Finley develop over the weeks and see how the older kids are trying to help him too on his quest to crawl.


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