Friday, May 16, 2014

Mothers Day Apple Picking

My request for Mothers Day was to go apple picking in the Blue Mountains, about an hour and a half drive away.  Bilpin is know for it's apples and there are orchards everywhere.  Pick your own had obviously been a popular activity in recent weeks and there was only one orchard open on the weekend, it grew the Pink Lady variety.   We were so lucky to get a beautiful Autumn day and had a great time walking up and down the rows of trees picking apples in the orchard.  It was interesting to see the difference between Harrison and Amelie's picking styles, Amelie was all about picking apples as fast as you can and Harrison was very careful to find the biggest and the most red apples!
We treated ourselves to a piece of homemade apple pie for dessert after our lunch at the cafe!
The Blue Mountains looked stunning with all the Autumn leaves and we had a fun afternoon exploring the Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens and playing in the Autumn leaves.
I had a wonderful Mothers Day with my Three Little Dickie Birds!

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