Monday, May 11, 2015


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Harrison: Loving every moment exploring the Stockton sand dunes
Amelie: Last time you came here you were only one, this time you had a blast jumping down the dunes!
Finley: I'm free!

 We had a fun day out at the Western Sydney Parklands with the kids on their bikes and playing on the cool playground equipment.

The second week of the holidays started off pretty slowly with all of our playdates having to be cancelled with left over sickness from the week before.

We had a great end to the holidays though with a mini getaway to Port Stephens which is about three hours from Sydney.  We have been there once before about three and a half years ago so it was great to re-visit and see and do all of the things we wanted to try again.  It is such a beautiful area with such clear blue water, lots of marine life and lovely beaches. 
We rented a house just down the road from the beach which was fantastic with the kids.  We were very lucky with the weather and it was very warm so we could still swim and hang out at the beach.
I loved getting up early to watch the sun rise down at the beach each day and on one of the mornings we discovered numerous sharks feeding on mullet in the shallows!
Hiking up Mt Tomoree was also a highlight with it's breathtaking views, my legs hurt for days afterwards!
We celebrated Matt's birthday while we were away and had an awesome day exploring the Stockton sand dunes, climbing them,  jumping off them, running down them and admiring their beauty.  They are enormous and cover 32 kilometres!
That afternoon we walked through the Tilligery Nature Reserve and saw a koala in the wild! Well done to the birthday boy for spotting it!  On the beach by the reserve were thousands of soldier crabs running around, bright blue with red legs they looked awesome and provided lots of fun as Harrison chased them and tried to pick them up.
We also managed to see a dolphin and a group of stingrays swimming along the beach during the trip.  I love how we always see lots of amazing wild life when we're away and how all of the kids love seeing them too.
Harrison had spied fishing rods in the garage of the house we rented so on the last morning we went down to the beach at sunrise for the boys to try fishing.  Unfortunately we didn't have fish for dinner but Harrison enjoyed fishing off the beach for the first time.

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